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Yaslovitzh, Law office is one ofIsrael’s leading criminal law firms.The firm specializes in a variety of criminal law fields, from blue-collar offences, through sex offences, and up to white-collar and extensive economic offences, includingsecurities investment fraud, and more.

Adv. Yaslovitzh has longstanding legal experience and he provides his clients with closesupport and counsel from the tactics planning and strategy building stage, through the ongoing management and up to the most professional and reliable legal representation.

After a thorough in-depth analysis of each and every situation and on the basis of vast legal knowledge, the firm’s clients receive legal services which are tailored with the understanding of their unique needs and are provided professionally, creatively and originally.

The firm provides its clients with legal solutions for a variety of needs and legal counsel on a variety of topics. All with an emphasis and ultimate commitment to the leading service values that are championed by the firm: Creativity and Innovation.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Innovation Adv. Yaslovitzh’s service-orientation and his aspiration to the most professional and high-quality service is based on the understanding that in light of the dynamism and fast pace of changes and developments in the legal world that we see today, experience can no longer serve as a good teacher – its rather divergent thinking, forward looking, innovation and creative thinking.

Thus, the firm believes in and champions innovation and creative thinking as the only strategy for success in the current dynamic legal profession.

Adv. Nir Yaslovitzh, Founder & Owner Adv. Yaslovitzh graduated with an LL.B., and also served later as a lecturer in the Netanya Academic College. He decided to practice criminal law already during his studies, interned in the public defense and worked as an associate for Adv. Avraham Landstein and afterward for Adv. (and former MP) Revital Suede.

He formerly served as a panel head in the disciplinary court of the Israel Bar Association Tel Aviv District, and he currently serves as chairman of the IBA Extradition and International Crime Committee, after his firm accumulated extensive experience and numerous successes in representing Israelis who were arrested across the world.

Adv. Yaslovitzh is a member of the European Criminal Bar Association.

One of the first clients who were represented by Adv. Yaslovitzh was the lifer Didi Siboni who complained of sexual harassment from a female warden, who filed a counter complaint which led to an indictment. The file was discussed by Bagatz and eventually a settlement was reached where the indictment against Siboni was canceled, a great victory for him.

Throughout the years, Adv. Yaslovitzh handled highly publicized criminal cases, but the flagship case which undoubtedly drew the most media attention to the firm was the Ayia Napa Boys Case.

Specializes in Representing Israeli Detainees Across the Globe

Over the past two years, Adv. Yaslovitzh has been summoned to represent Israeli detainees internationally, and in this framework he also provides legal support for Chabbad’s Aleph Institute which was founded in order to provide assistance to any Israeli who was arrested across the world (as an expression of the Pidyon Shvuyim duty). His practice of representing in international cases began with an organ trade case in Cyprus and continued with Amos Silber who was arrested in the Telegrass Affair in Kiev, and the representation of Avihai Dael who was accused of raping his wife and escaped to France, and a significant number of other cases.

As a result of his vast experience in international criminal cases, including relationships with prosecutors across the world, Adv. Yaslovitzh has close connections with law firms and prosecutors in Europe and the U.S., with the crown jewel being his vast connections in Cyprus, where he even established an additional branch of the firm.

The Ayia Napa Affair Adv. Yaslovitzh gained reputation mainly due to the Ayia Napa Boys Affairs where he represented 4 of the main suspects of raping the British young woman, who was also a guest in the hotel where they stayed in Cyprus. Adv.Yaslovitzh’s impressive ability to handle a completely different legal system, international media pressure and the ongoing briefing of the boys’ families in a sensitive and compassionate matter, proved themselves completely, and at the end of the day he managed to turn the tide, despite of all of the surrounding pressures, and lead to the full acquittance and the return home of the four affair’s “heroes”.

Notable Cases

In addition to the Ayia Napa affair, the firm handled other publicized cases, including the Telegrass affair – representing Barel Levy, the main suspect; the collapse of Global Investec where an investment fraud was suspected; the Bagatz appeal for reopening the Tair Rada Murder case; the representation of Rabbi Yehuda David Wolpa, Rishon LeZion’s Chief Rabbi, against a witness harassment charge; the arrest of the gynecologist and sexologist, Dr.Benny Shekhter and more.

Owing to these cases and others, the firm recorded meteoric growth over the past few years and it is currently considered to be one of Israel prominent criminal law firms. 24/7 Availability and Placing Himself in the Client’s Shoes Adv. Yaslovitzh lives and breathes the criminal law world and is most renowned for his

complete identification with the legal situation of his clients, while placing himself in their shoes. This authentic and honest approach radiates from Adv. Yaslovitzh to the judges, and in combination with his legal proficiency and highly impressive litigation abilities, leads him to impressive victories while achieving precedential and principle verdicts.

Adv. Nir Yaslovitzh Founder and Owner

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